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The Navigating Care Library includes articles about cancer, chemotherapy regimens and drugs from the the National Cancer Institute and other experts.
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Anyone with experience with HER2+ breast cancer?
I'm Kendrah, and I'm a survivor of Stage 2 Breast Cancer
After two cycles, my experience is so bad I feel like quitting. I have to complete six, then surgery then more cycles. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I am ill with either cramping, diarrhea or severe constipation for two weeks or more. Chills and being cold is almost constant. Going back and forth taking drugs for the symptoms. Barely able to eat normally for weeks. I am just so tired..   Read more…

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Created Dec 1, 2016 in Cancerbus' resources · Like1
I'm a 51 year old woman living in the Bay Area of California with a naughty case of stage IV breast cancer with bone metastasis, my husband, my stepson, and my cat. Although not in that order eve... more
Created Jan 6, 2019 in Hmoorepa's resources · Like2
100% of donations to Metavivor goes to research, unlike Susan G. Komen or Relay for Life. Their desire is to find a cure for metastatic breast cancer, which kills.
Updated Apr 12, 2011 in Breast Cancer Group's resources ·
Updated guidelines for breast cancer patients were released by The National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The guidelines are designed in a consumer friendly manner to help patients select treatment... more

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Lignans and Breast Cancer

Preliminary studies have found an association between the consumption of plant lignans, found in whole grains, and lower breast cancer risk.

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